UNION SQUARE's Next Chapter

The Union Square Partnership’s (USP) primary mission is to ensure the neighborhood’s continued improvement and maximize quality of life for all who live, work, and visit our community. We've come a long way over the past 40 years.

Looking ahead, there is significant change on the horizon for our district with the closure of the L train and transformations taking place throughout our built environment, streetscape, and public spaces. Now is the moment to plan for Union Square's next chapter. With your help, we hope to make the Union Square-14th Street community even more vibrant, inclusive, secure, sustainable, and welcoming in the coming decade - and beyond. 



Leading Transformation


Since 1976, USP has worked closely with local residents, businesses, and community partners to revitalize the greater Union Square-14th Street district into the thriving, beautiful, and dynamic community it is today. Union Square is an epicenter of New York City activity for the hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses who call it home and the millions who visit our district every year.

We are proud of the transformation that’s taken place. The neighborhood's buzzing business corridors, cultural and public institutions, lively nightlife and entertainment, central transportation access, diverse core community, and the neighborhood’s star attraction – Union Square Park – make the district like none other in New York City.


Harnessing the power of change


The Union Square Partnership’s primary mission is to ensure the neighborhood best serves all who live, work, and visit our community. The world we live in is quickly changing, and Union Square now faces a unique period of change and growth driven by disruptions to our district’s transit network, an evolving commercial business mix, workforce development trends, and new public and private development projects. While these factors may change the status quo, the Union Square Partnership sees an opportunity to reimagine the future of Union Square and ensure our community evolves with these forthcoming changes to reach its fullest potential. 

With this opportunity, USP is embarking on a process to map out solutions to meet the needs of our community and prioritize USP's next capital investments in Union Square and 14th Street.


be part of the future

Since our inception, USP has invested in services and infrastructure that reflect the needs and desires of our residents, businesses, institutions, and community members. Your ideas improve our community and we've implemented many over the years – such as more public seating, beautiful trees and greenery, cleaner and safer streets, year-round events, modernized pedestrian plazas, and free wi-fi in the Park. Your input keeps us moving forward.

As we begin to design what Union Square's next chapter should be, everyone's voice must be part of the conversation. If you live, work, visit, or care about Union Square – we want your perspectives to help shape the future of our district. What should our neighborhood be like in 5, 10, or 20 years? How can we continue making Union Square hospitable and inclusive to all? What are the new opportunities and innovative ideas we can bring into our community?


Join Us

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The Union Square Partnership will host a series of participatory community visioning and planning meetings over the next year to reflect on the changing needs of our constituents, identify untapped opportunities, and ensure the district’s future is more vibrant, secure, sustainable, and welcoming in the coming decades. The process will involve the full spectrum of partners, including residents, businesses, elected officials, community boards, city and state agencies, advocacy groups, and local institutions. We welcome all who have a stake in the community to join us in this effort.

Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved in the planning process and share your ideas and suggestions. If you're an organization or firm interested in partnering with us, please take a look at our Request for Proposal below.



Request for Proposals


USP seeks the support of an external firm to help us embark on a neighborhood visioning and planning process for the next six to nine months. USP hosted a pre-proposal conference call on July 23 to give an overview of the project's objectives and scope and answer questions. You can view the questions and USP's responses on the conference call slides available here.  The full Request for Proposals solicitation and details on the application process are available here.

Proposals were due by August 1, 2018 and the submission period is now closed. Updates on the selection process will be provided in the coming month. 



Stay updated

Stay tuned here for details on future community meetings and follow us on social media @UnionSquareNY. Have questions or want to get in touch? Drop us a note through the Contact form below. 

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