"L" Line Closure Online Survey Available


If you couldn't make it to the "L" Line Closure Workshops hosted by the NYC Department of Transportation and Metropolitan Transit Authority, share your feedback about the upcoming Carnarsie Tunnel Reconstruction Project online here.

According to a release from the MTA, the Canarsie Tunnel was one of nine underwater tunnels that flooded during Superstorm Sandy in 2012, all of which required extensive rehabilitation and repair. It suffered extensive damage to tracks, signals, switches, power cables, signal cables, communication cables, lighting, cable ducts and bench walls throughout a 7,100-foot-long flooded section of both tubes. Bench walls throughout those sections must be rehabilitated to protect the structural integrity of the tubes. During the 18-month rehabilitation process, the MTA will also make significant improvements to stations and tunnel segments closest to the river. New stairs and elevators will be installed at the Bedford Av station in Brooklyn and the 1 Av station in Manhattan, and three new electric substations will be installed, providing more power to operate additional trains during rush hours.

Work on the tunnel is expected to begin in 2019 and last approximately 18 months.

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