Giving Thanks to Our Clean Team


At the core of our organization's work is district beautification, and we rely on the Union Square Clean Team, contracted through StreetPlus, to keep our neighborhood looking its best 365 days a year. With over 344,000 people walking through our neighborhood each day, our team is constantly on the move to keep Union Square a wonderful place to visit, work and live.

Our Trash Talk is Actually About Trash

Each day you'll see our team in their signature green polos sweeping trash off the streets, or emptying one of our USP-purchased dynasty cans, as well as our Big Belly solar-power compactors. Through these efforts they removed more than 178,000 bags of trash from the street each year. If you're in the neighborhood prior to their start at 7 AM, you can see firsthand the impact they have on your clean morning commute. 


Blizzards are "Snow" Joke

When a storm hits, our team suits up to hit the streets. In the cold of a blizzard, you'll find the team working hard to clear sidewalks, intersections and catch basins so pedestrians can travel safely and avoid large icy puddles and slippery streets. 


A Fresh Coat for a Fresh Season

Each fall and spring, the team surveys the district to repaint tree guards, benches, mailboxes, sidewalk elements and more so the district looks as fresh as you feel in the new season. 

Plus, our team works on a daily basis to remove graffiti on public property, as well as stickers from light poles and fences. 

Carlos Painting.JPG

Have a Seat and Stay Awhile

Your favorite seasonal bistro furniture and umbrellas in 5 areas of our park and public plaza are managed daily by our Clean Team from April to November. From setting up the sections to wiping them down from constant usage, we thank them for making our relaxing moments in the park easy to enjoy!


Additionally, in 2017, the Union Square Partnership purchased 600 new bistro tables and chairs which were unpacked and loaded into the park by our stellar Clean Team. 


Power Washing is Power Cleaning

On a weekly basis in the warm seasons, our team power washes high traffic corners and our Union Square Park plazas to remove build up of grit and dirt on the busy streets.

Powerwashing Park Walls in April.jpg

Leading the Team

Our success around the district is made possible by our team leaders working in the field on projects benefiting the neighborhood. Supervisor Mamdou Ndiaye has been managing our Clean Team on the ground for over two decades. In addition to his work with the Clean Team, Operations Manager McLawrence Glynn works to address a wide range of quality-of-life issues within the district. Finally, Director of Operations Tom DiRusso oversees the entire program, while also working with our local law enforcement partners on neighborhood safety initiatives. 


Photo Credits: Liz Ligon, Steven Jackson, Kimberlee Hewitt