The Vineyard Theatre's Harry Clarke Named New York Times Critic's Pick


The Vineyard Theatre's brilliant one man show Harry Clarke has been reviewed as a New York Times Critic's Pick. This wickedly funny thriller stars Billy Crudup, who "after a four-year absence from the New York stage appears to be having to be having the time of his life in a sly role terrifically suited to his gifts."

The New York Times praises Harry Clarke and Billy Crudup for building a performance from all angles. In this must-see show, Crudup depicts not only Midwesterner Philip Brugglestein and his posh, British alter-ego Harry Clarke, but dozens of other people, sketching out their characters as they might be seen through Philip or Harry's eyes. Read the rest of the NYT review here, and get tickets to see the show live at the Vineyard Theater now through December 23rd.