Union Square is Now the “Chocolate District” of Manhattan

Have you noticed that the neighborhood has been a little sweeter lately? It’s not just you, there’s been a tasty movement of new chocolate-focused businesses opening across the district, all within 5 blocks of each other!

Metro New York has dubbed Union Square the unofficial "chocolate district of Manhattan" - and the neighborhood never tasted so good! Check out these sweet new businesses along with classic neighborhood favorites to satisfy your latest chocolate cravings.

Nutella Cafe | 116 University Place

Making all of your Nutella dreams come true, this new cafe is all about breaking the chocolate ceiling and exceeding expectations. The world’s second Nutella Cafe (and NYC’s first!) is now open on University Place. The Italian candy company Ferrero brought its signature chocolate-hazelnut spread to life with creations like Nutella Whipped cream, Nutella gelato (available sandwiched in a brioche bun), Nutella-infused hemp and chia seed pudding, Nutella crepes, Nutella fondue — are you drooling yet?

Venchi | 861 Broadway

Since 1878, this Italian import has been making irresistible chocolate treats. Venchi’s NYC flagship store features a 10-foot tall and 45-foot-wide chocolate waterfall (the largest in North America) as well as a fountain of Suprema chocolate spread. Tour the world through chocolate with their mix-and-match wall of over 200 chocolate products made with cocoa from around the world. Don’t forget to also stop at the gelato cart on your way out!

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop | 28 East 13th Street

Oded Brenner of Max Brenner Chocolate Bar returned to the chocolate scene with an even more creative idea - Blue Stripes Cacao Shop. This shop showcases a whole new side of chocolate, from chocolate mousse on tap, to ground flour from cocoa pods, to super food bowls made with healthy raw chocolate pulp.  They also serve a pure chocolate shot that is perfect for cheers-ing with another chocoholic! That’s right, pure chocolate!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar | 841 Broadway

The closest thing to a real-life version of Willy Wonka’s wacky chocolate factory, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar has been a destination for chocolate lovers from all over NYC. Find chocolate pizza, Italian hot chocolate, DIY doughnut parties, and sweet fondues among the unique ambiance of this eclectic restaurant. Explore chocolate like never before with this sensory immersion where the sweet stuff is share-able, pour-able, dip-able, dunk-able, and inject-able.

Breads Bakery | 18 East 16th Street

Known for its signature captivating chocolate Babka, Breads Bakery is dedicated to producing artisanal, handmade bakery items using traditional baking techniques. Pick up their other chocolate treats like chocolate rugelach, flour-less chocolate cake, and assorted cookies.

Cocoa Store NYC | 15 East 18th Street

This little chocolate boutique may look small from the outside, but on the inside its bursting with so much sweetness! Here you will find luxury chocolate items including bars, pralines, quadrotti, tartufi, and napolitains. Their delectable chocolates make perfect gifts but don’t forget to also treat yourself!

Milk Bar in Camp store | 110 Fifth Avenue

Born out of the highly successful restaurant series, Momfuku, the Milk Bar has something special to offer to the dessert game. Opening it’s 10th NYC location in Camp - the neighborhood’s new family shopping experience - we’re so excited to try the new treats! In collaboration with the store’s camping theme, they’re offering a S’mores sundae that is bound to light a fire in your chocolate loving heart!

Dylan’s Candy Bar | 33 Union Square West

The world of sweets opens up here, where you have endless options to satisfy all of your sweet teeth. Known for its whimsical brand that is home to all of the leading candy brands and even its own line of candy products, you won’t be disappointed. Swing through the candy bar, where you can get a little bit of everything that’s jam packed with flavor.