Sweat Fest Brings New Business to Union Square Fitness Scene

Sweat Fest Signature Event at SWITCH Playground

Sweat Fest Signature Event at SWITCH Playground

This year, Union Square Sweat Fest celebrated its fifth anniversary. The week long fitness festival highlights and promotes fitness, wellness and health-focused businesses in Union Square, encouraging the community to shop fit, eat fit, and get fit all in the USQ community. In collaboration with partners Fit + Love, we celebrated Sweat Fest in a whole new way this year. With five signature Sweat Fest events, 13 free gym and retailer classes, and unlimited workouts to Sweat for Swag, this year’s celebration reached over 500 people. Not to mention, Sweat Fest drove hundreds of fitness enthusiasts to try new studios and gyms for the first time. Here’s how we did it.

1. Sweat Fest exposed over 250 participants to new Union Square studios, gyms + retailers

Union Square Partnership utilizes the Sweat Fest program to highlight the local fitness scene and drive business right to our neighborhood. This year’s program was wildly successful, driving over 250 people to try a workout for the first time at Union Square studios, gyms and retailers. Our Signature Sweat Fest Events saw a large turnout of new attendees (over 150!) - over two thirds of participants at SWITCH Playground were trying the studio for the first time, over 90% of participants at Five Iron’s Golf Brunch were new, and EVERY SINGLE participant at our CorePower Yoga and Throwdown NYC events were new.

People were also encouraged to experience new Union Square workouts through our free classes at local gyms and athleisure retailers. With workouts at Paragon Sports, the 14th Street Y, JackRabbit, New York Health & Racquet Club, Crunch Gym and more, Sweat Fest classes drew over 75 people into USQ gyms and retailers for the first time. Additionally, over 60 people tried out a new gym or studio with our Sweat for Swag program.

2. We gave away $143,000 in free swag from local partners

Whether attending a Signature Sweat Fest Experience or working out at any Union Square studio, this year’s participants got drenched in swag! Our Sweat Fest swag bags included snacks, beverages, discounts and freebies from our 50 neighborhood partners, and signature event attendees walked away with special Union Square swag items including long sleeve tees, duffel bags, hats, yoga mats, sweat bands, and temporary tattoos. Thank you to our partners Innisfree, Paragon Sports, Exhale Spa, Ling Skincare, Bada Bean Bada Boom, Whole Foods, Kellogg’s NYC Happy Inside, and many others for donating. Our signature events featured snacks and on-site activations from evian, Pret A Manger, CAVA, Cote Shop, Honest Tea, May 11 Hair Oil, Natalie’s Juice, Chloe’s Fruit, Dig Inn, Everything But Water, NYX Cosmetics, Bulletproof, and many more!

3. Sweat Fest Health + Fitness Map highlighted over 100 local fit-focused businesses

Keep your fitness goals going all year long by checking out our Union Square Health + Fitness Map! Our neighborhood map highlights over 100 local businesses, eateries, shops and studios to eat fit, shop fit, and get fit all in one community. Didn’t have a chance to try delicious snacks and healthy drinks, shop discounted apparel at USQ retailers, or practice some self care with local beauty partners? Use our map to make local businesses part of your fitness routine!

4. Five workouts shined with our Signature Sweat Fest Events

USP refined the 2019 program structure to go all-out with five signature workouts featuring new USQ studios and healthy local food, fitness, beauty and wellness partners.


SWEATacular with Andia Winslow

To kick off the celebration of Sweat Fest’s Fifth Anniversary, Andia Winslow taught a SWEATacular conditioning and toning workout at the W New York - Union Square. After the workout, the party started - attendees stuck around to enjoy snacks and drinks from partners like Natalie’s OJ, Chloe’s Fruit, Bada Bean Bada Boom, Honest Tea, and Health-Ade Kombucha. Plus, attendees got pampered with activations from Ling Skincare, May 11 Hair Oil, and Athleta’s pop-up shop, plus got to take home the signature Sweat Fest long sleeve tee.


Yoga Sculpt with CorePower Yoga

We got our Friday vinyasa on with CorePower Yoga, a brand new studio on 18th Street. Sweat Fest-ers geared up for this heated yoga toning class with workout hairstyles by Sacha & Olivier, plus mats and towels to use during class from USP and Fit + Love. After class, attendees enjoyed healthy snacks from Pret A Manger, Whole Foods, and Health-Ade Kombucha, plus got on-site touch ups from NYX Cosmetics. 100% of attendees at this signature event were brand new to CorePower! Want to try this new studio for yourself? Sign up for a FREE week of yoga!


Beginner’s Brunch with Five Iron Golf

We upped our brunch game with a Sunday morning event at Five Iron Golf on Fifth Avenue. Attendees worked directly with golf professionals to practice their swing, drive, and put on both golfing simulator screens and indoor golfing greens, plus got to sport their Union Square sweat bands. Healthy brunch like avocado toast, vegetable flatbread, and kale + quinoa salad, plus bottomless mimosas truly made the event feel special. Over 90% of attendees at this signature event were new to Five Iron! Save the date to join Five Iron Golf’s Women and Wine night on Sunday, March 3.


Monday Punch-Out with Throwdown NYC

Mondays are tough. Boxing helps! We hosted TWO signature Sweat Fest classes at Throwdown NYC, a new boxing studio on 17th Street. Attendees learned sparring combinations and practiced with bags, plus worked on cardio and conditioning moves. Attendees were welcomed to the event at the swim apparel store Everything But Water just downstairs, and after class enjoyed dinner from Dig Inn. In both classes, 100% of attendees were brand new to Throwdown NYC! Needless to say, head to 17th Street for some of the best spots to shop fit, eat fit, and get fit! Sign up for Throwdown NYC classes here.


SWITCH Playground Party

We closed out the week with the biggest celebration of Sweat Fest, our SWITCH Playground Party! Sweat Fest-ers worked in pairs to complete 20 different workouts that focused on cardio, conditioning and toning. After class, attendees got pampered with mini-manicures from Cote Shop, snacks from CAVA, Whole Foods, Bulletproof, and Natalie’s OJ, plus had a blast with our photobooth! Attendees rocked glow in the dark tattoos during class, and got Sweat Fest duffel bags to rock on the way to their next workout. Over two thirds of attendees were brand new to SWITCH Playground! Check out their unique workouts here.

5. Countless Community Connections built by sweat fest

Whether participating for the fifth year or brand new to the program, Sweat Fest attendees love to workout with friends. Over the years we’ve heard countless testimonials on friendships created and cemented during Sweat Fest classes. Check out #USQSweatFest to view some of our favorite stories. Plus, find photos of you + your friends in our 2019 Sweat Fest photo album.