Sweets For a Sweet Gluten Free + Vegan Valentine’s Day

Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa

Nothing says “I love You” like “I know you follow strict food restrictions so I’m going to get you some goodies you can eat!”

Union Square may be the unofficial Chocolate District of Manhattan, but it’s also the perfect place to find Valentine’s Day treats for that special someone who has a strict diet, major allergies, or who is just plain picky!

This Valentines Day, if you’re celebrating with someone who has a unique diet, keep this equation in mind: GF + V = VDAY + USQ! (Gluten Free plus Vegan = Valentine’s Day in Union Square) Union Square is home to a variety of eats and experiences, leaving you in good hands to spread some extra love this February 14th. Take a peak below to see the latest and greatest ideas for a unique holiday that’s free of gluten, animal products, or both!

abcV + abc home

Your dreams of vegan chocolate boxes have come true with abcV’s twist on the traditional chocolate box! For a limited time only, abcV will be taking pre-orders for an assortment of 38 vegan chocolates in a monogramed box. Check out their website to get in contact and order one today before they’re all gone. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, head over to abc carpet & home to snag a vegan and gluten free Ritual Chocolate bar.

Baked by melissa

All the love & sweetness for your shuga or sweet little one, without the wheat! Baked by Melissa has so many different gluten free mini cupcake options, including one that’s perfect for this lovey dovey day. Choose from a variety of My Gluten Free Valentine boxes and maybe even throw in some double stuffed macaroons. Order today until February 20th.


Breads Bakery  has it all, even some gluten free items! Try their mouthwatering flourless brownie cake made with gluten free flours. It's hard not to fall in love with this chocolatey treat.

Chloe’s Fruit Co.

Dairy free and sweet as can be, these fruity treats will be sure to knock your valentine’s socks off! Chloe’s Pops are made with simple ingredients like fruit, water, and a touch of cane sugar, solidifying their place in the vegan and gluten free game (and qualifying them as top gifts for your furry sweethearts!).


The Cocoa Store NYC may look small from the outside, but on the inside its bursting with so much sweetness! Here you will find luxury chocolate items, but be sure to ask a team member to clarify which goodies are gluten free.


Looking for gifts for a special someone with a sweet tooth? Dylan's Candy Bar has a new line of Valentine's-themed candies that are gluten free. Additionally, if you're a fan of dō Cookie Dough Confections, you can now enjoy select flavors at the Union Square store. Sugar cookie is gluten free, and chocolate chip and peanut butter snickerdoodle are both gluten free and vegan!


This little storefront has a LOT to offer you or your boo with daily vegan and gluten free baked goods that will make your heart swoon. Instead of the go-to chocolate heart box try gifting Fat Cat Kitchen’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies - perfect for any cookie lover!


Take a walk through the Union Square Greenmarket located on Union Square’s West and North Plazas to find a whole spread of Valentine’s gifts. Looking to bring home a bouquet? Check out the spread of colorful fruits and veggies to make a unique masterpiece or head the classic route with some fresh cut flowers. Be sure to check out all of the different tents as many offer up the most delicious vegan and gluten free treats for your honey, like yummy chocolate brownies from Body and Soul Bakeshop or local raw honey from Andrews Honey !


Step aside, Willy Wonka, there’s a new wacky chocolate factory: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is a destination for chocolate lovers from all over NYC. Be sure to try their chocolate fondue and various chocolate shakes that are gluten free!


Making all of your Nutella dreams come true, the world’s second Nutella Cafe (and NYC’s first!) is now open on University Place. Nutella is a gluten free spread, so buy as many mini jars for your beau as you can - the more the merrier!

Peacefood cafe

Say hello to one of the neighborhood’s secret gems - Peacefood Cafe, a cozy vegan kitchen and bakery! Their vegan and gluten free grasshopper cookie sandwich with mint filling, raw key lime pie, and cashew cream cheesecake will surely make you and your bestie’s hearts melt!


As part of their Hot Chocolate Festival, The City Bakery is brewing up some Valentine's-themed hot chocolate concoctions that are frequently gluten free. The complete 2019 list of hot chocolates will soon be released on their instagram, so keep your eyes peeled!


Since 1878, Venchi has been serving up the best and most beloved flavors of decadent chocolate. Tour the world through chocolate with their mix-and-match wall of over 200 chocolate products and pay special attention to their gluten free products!

Union square wine and spirits

Throw in a bottle of bubbly with any of the above options and you’re set for the night! At Union Square Wines and Spirits, choose from scrumptious libations - a mix of naturally vegan and gluten free options - to pair with any sweet treat. Pro tip: ask a team member any questions you have or to clarify ingredients you are unsure about!


Until Feb 8th, reservations are still available for a special dinner during NYC Restaurant Week.

If you were hoping to curl up with a good read on your couch this V-Day, make it a true date with a "Blind Date with a Book" from Barnes & Noble. With a full display of options you'll be sure to find something worth sharing.

No plans? No problem. Join us for a Union Square Sweat Fest workout with your beau, friends or fly solo! Visit unionsquaresweatfest.nyc for details (schedule is live starting Jan 29th).

Please note: our recommendations are based on personal research, if you have a severe allergy, we recommend personally checking with the establishments and restaurants to clarify their food standards because products mentioned here may have been processed on the same equipment as milk, wheat, or eggs.