about USP

The Union Square Partnership

The Union Square Partnership is a community-based non-profit organization working to ensure the best possible neighborhood for its residents, businesses and visitors. USP’s programs include sanitation, public safety, economic development and marketing services, and we invest in the beautification and maintenance of Union Square Park, the district’s crown jewel.

As the leading advocate for the Union Square-14th Street community, we work to enhance the neighborhood’s quality-of-life by creating a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable environment.  With our vibrant community continuing to evolve and grow, the Union Square Partnership’s role is now more important than ever. We love this neighborhood, and will continue to work hard to make sure that Union Square remains a phenomenal place to live, work and visit.


Our District

The shaded properties on the map below make up with Union Square Partnership DMA. These properties benefit from the Union Square Partnership's street level beautification programs, including additional sanitation + street cleaning, which complement city services paid through a special tax assessment.